The Documentary

The seven boxes is a Documentary that will be premiered on television at the end of 2017.

It is also a project to promote educational values. We want to make young people know about this story through Documentary projections and following discussions with the protagonist.  We count on the collaboration of Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai, which with we will reach the maximum of young people and educators.

The seven boxes aims to be a visual testimony of a personal story, the one of Dory Sontheimer.

At 52 years, Dory discovered that her origins were radically different from what she had thought and lived all her life. After the death of her parents, she found seven boxes hidden above a closet that revealed a past she wasn’t aware of: the one of her Jewish family, victim of the Nazi Holocaust. From there, he decides to investigate, rediscover and gather a family that Nazism had tried to wipe out forever.

This Documentary portrays the story of Dory and her family, spread all over the world. It aims to put images on a particular story, surprising and touching. Accompanied by historians, writers, journalists and anonymous people, we will do a physical and emotional journey through Catalonia, France, Germany, USA, Canada, England, Czech Republic, Israel and Argentina. We will trace Dory’s family in hopes that some of their members get known each other for the first time. And all with one goal: to restore the name, dignity and memory of those who lost everything, victims of Nazism and Holocaust.


Dory Sontheimer, the main character of the Documentary The seven boxes