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First stop: Freiburg, Germany

The Documentary The seven boxes began with a trip to Freiburg (Germany). A filmmaker team from Broadcaster Group accompanied Dory during her three days in a city that had been part of the lives of their ancestors. She was commissioned to deliver the speech in memory of the 450 people who, on 23 October 1940, were deported from the station of Freiburg to the french concentration camp of Gurs.

In Freiburg and the rest of Germany, the Nazi party came to power in 1933. In November 1938, during Kristallnacht, the Jewish synagogue was burned. In 1940, in the framework of so-called flat-Bürckel Wagner, the Jews that were still in Freiburg were transported to the south of France. There were more than 1000 kilometers on a train, the same where Adolf Eichmann was travelling in, head at the time of the deportation of Jews.

The maternal grandparents of Dory, who then lived in Freiburg, were notified two hours before the order they had to leave their homes and take up a maximum of 50 kg of luggage and 100 frames per person. Once crossed the bridge Wiwilí, they boarded a train and never returned.

During the trip to Freiburg, the recording equipment has witnessed significant and exciting moments for Dory as her first visit to the house where her grandparents lived, or the visit to the Jewish cemetery in Sulzburg, in the middle of the Black Forest, where her grandparents are buried.



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