Fear, silence and secrets in the shooting of The documentary The seven boxes with Lluís Bassat, Dory Sontheimer and Eduardo Martín de Pozuelo

Fear, silence and secrets

The fear, the thread of the conversation between Dory Sontheimer, Lluís Bassat and Eduardo Martín de Pozuelo

The documentary The seven boxes keeps on moving forward. Now a recording team of Grup Broadcaster has accompanied Dory Sontheimer in a very special encounter.

Dory, educated as Catholic but of Jewish roots and who discovers in seven boxes the dramatic history of his family, victim of the Nazi regime, has had a conversation of approximately two hours with the publicist Lluís Bassat, Sephardi like his ancestors, and with the journalist Eduardo Martín de Pozuelo, a specialist in Francoism and the Holocaust.

The thread of this conversation has been fear. An emotion that persisted in the minds of all those Jewish people who lived, even indirectly, the Holocaust. The contributions of the protagonists review the life stories of their families, but also some features of the history of the twentieth century.

From these voices, which share feelings, ideas and history, we will understand what Nazism and “its final solution” meant . We will also discover the role of Catalonia during World War II: a land “in transit”, to emigrate to a third country, for all those fleeing the Nazi barbarism.

However, the life of these refugees was hard. Fear of being discovered and deported led many Jewish families to take shelter in silence; Many, as in the case of Dory’s parents, decided to hide their identity until today. In fact, at that time, in the streets of Barcelona, ​​Nazism remained alive and very active: Eduardo Martín de Pozuelo and Dory show it to us in several unpublished documents and photographs from the 1940s.

This meeting took place in the interior courtyard of the Mercer Hotel Barcelona, ​​an ideal setting to welcome the conversation. In addition, the shooting team has taken advantage of the excellent location of the hotel to film images of Dory through the streets of Barcelona.

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